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All of Your Dog Questions Answered

Hi there!! For anyone who is new to my blog, let me introduce the whole crew here. I’m Carson Presley, and I write the content behind Girls & Dogs, Oh My. I’m graduating college this May (err--sort-of, just not traditionally because of the Coronavirus).

The luckiest person in the world, I have two adorable Labradoodles! Scout, who is two-years-old, and Ryder, who is just 9-weeks-old. My better half, Spencer, is the most amazing dog mom who helps me keep a handle on our two wild fur babies.

Together, we love traveling. We love packing up our Jeep and exploring new places. We’re also (until recently) first-time dog owners. In other words, we’re young and make a lot of mistakes--which is where the inspiration for this blog came from!

I want to be able to share all of our journeys and dog mom lessons with you all--especially our mistakes--so that you all can have the best possible experiences.

Every Monday I post new content with our latest adventure, traveling advice, dog mom tips and tricks. Sometimes I post more than just Mondays, so make sure to look out for the bonus content ;)

Hello and welcome to Mondays with Carson here at Girls and Dogs, Oh My.

Today we are answering all of your questions about dogs. Everything about dogs. Literally everything--things I did not predict to be on the list but they were. So I am answering them

Here we go:

I went about collecting these questions in two different phases!

If you follow me on Instagram you saw that I asked for everyone’s questions.

I then did a quick online search about the most common questions including the word “dog.”

I was surprised by what people are asking, but, nonetheless, I promised answers so here they are! Here are the top 16 questions and answers about dogs!

1. What dog should I get/What dog is best for me?

Okay angels, listen, this is actually a very good question and one that you should really think about before you decide on a pup!

I dove into this topic a couple of weeks ago where I list a bunch of questions you need to ask yourself and any other primary caregivers before getting a pup!!

2. What dog am I?

What an amazing question.

According to Buzzfeed, I am a pitbull! Apparently I’m loyal, sincere, and adaptable.

Brainfall disagreed and said I am a St. Bernard.

What about you? Take a quiz and let me know in the comments below!

3. What dog is Scooby Doo?

Scooby Doo is a Great Dane!

Throughout the transitions of the show of Scooby Doo, his character did switch between a Great Dane and a sheepdog.

4. What dog is Lady?

In case you are too young to know who this is, Lady is a pup from the Disney Film “Lady and the Tramp.”

Lady is….. A Cocker Spaniel! And Trusty (yes, the one in the classic spaghetti scene) is a bloodhound.

5. What dog is Waffle?

Maybe I’m too old for this one, so I had to look it up. There is a show called Waffle the Wonder Dog. Anyways, Waffle is played by Rufus Hound and is a red miniature poodle.

6. When my dog is sick

I’m not too surprised about this one! Make sure you consult your vet or other professional to make sure that you are addressing the issue properly and not causing any harm to your pup or anyone else’s pup!

There isn’t a specific answer here, but there are a ton of home remedies for doggo sickness. I’ll put a couple that I’ve experienced with my dogs and what we did to help them.

Scout is a labradoodle, which means she is half poodle and half lab. Unfortunately, poodles often times have sensitive stomachs, and Scout ended up with this trait. For months (yes, seriously months), Scout would get sick every night.

She would be fine during the day and get incredibly sick at night. The first couple of times that we went to the ER, the vet would give her some medicine to solidify her bowels and/or advise feeding her chicken and rice.

This did work, so I used my handy-dandy Insta-pot and would basically meal prep for her. It was an expensive solution, but it kept her healthy so she basically ate as a human for about three months.

At one of her check-ups, the vet suggested a prescription food. If you’re like younger me and have no clue what prescription food is, no worries! Basically, it’s just a food that can help support better health for your pup. This article does a great job of going into some specifics.

The prescription food worked! Scout seemed happy and healthy. After over about a year on this food, we decided to slowly transition her to a non-prescription food. She’s been eating this food for a couple of months now and seems to be doing well (knock on wood).

~okay getting back on topic here~

Again, be sure to consult your vet to make sure that you are making a good decision for you and your pup.

7. When will my dog stop growing

It really depends! Small breeds stop growing around 6-8 months, but giant breeds don’t stop growing until around 12-18 months.

Scout is considered a large breed and she stopped growing closer to 16 months.

8. When a dog's in season

Great question! I personally haven’t experienced having a dog in heat because Scout is fixed, so I did a little research.

Most female dogs go into heat around 6 months old, but it can vary depending on your pup. Some signs that your dog is going into heat include the following: swollen vulva, discolored discharge from vulva, mounting behavior, excessive licking of their genitals, and/or a change in their overall behavior.

If you want to get your female dog fixed, it is best to do so before she goes into heat because if not, the risk of ovarian cancer increases. You should definitely consult your vet before making any type of medical decision.

9. When a dog licks you

The most common reason that your dog licks you is because they want to show you affection! So cute.

There are a bunch of other reasons, as well! Licking makes your pup happy by releasing endorphins. They also like the taste of your skin……...

10. So what about “When my dog eats grass”

This one I actually know! Scout and Ryder both love grass. They often do it because their stomachs are upset. The grass offers them a source of fiber to help their digestive tracts run more smoothly.

11. When a dog is neutered

Quick note for anyone who is unsure: female dogs are “spayed,” male dogs are “neutered,” and both are “fixed.”

Now that we’re all on the same page, let’s talk about when they do through these surgeries!

As previously mentioned, female dogs are spayed before 6 months of age. They can be spayed earlier, especially if they are a small breed. Larger breeds typically get spayed a little later because they still have a while to grow.

Male dogs get neutered after eight weeks as well. According to the interwebs, some vets advise waiting until they reach puberty, which happens around 6 months.

As always, advise your vet to seek the best course of action for you and your pup!

12. When my dog vomits

Dogs vomit for the same reasons that humans do: because they don't feel well. Sometimes they vomit because they ate too fast (yes, Scout, I'm talking about you). Scout has been known to vomit a time or two from hunger as well, although this is less common.

Vomiting can be a serious issue, such as accidental poisoning, so be sure to call up your vet and get advice on whether or not you need to rush into the ER!

13. Dog with false teeth

I don't think I really need to say anything... I'll.. just... put this... here...

...and this one...

ok last one, I swear:

I'm not really sure if I'm supposed to laugh at these or try to get my own dogs to do this?? Let me know in the comments below if you've done this with your pup!

14. Dog with coronavirus

You thought we wouldn't talk about the Coronavirus at all today--but what kind of post would this be if we didn't?

According to the CDC, the virus is thought to have started from a live animal market but is now obviously spreading from person-to-person.

There was a positive animal testing in the U.S., but it was a tiger, not a pup. As of now, Fido is safe from the Coronavirus!

15. Dog with a blog

So I had no clue what I thought this was and definitely thought it would be a meme. Turns out, it's a television show! And a pretty okay one at that, according to IMDb, who rated it 4.8/10.

There were 3 seasons of this comedy that aired in the early 2010s. The entire storyline is shared from the doggo's perspective. You can watch it on YouTube, iTunes, and Amazon Prime Video starting at $2!

16. Dog with hat

Much like the "dog with teeth" search... here ya go:

There are a ton of pictures of this guy with a bunch of hats photoshopped on him! He's so cute.

So there you have it--the top 16 questions about dogs. We found out what kind of dog we are, we found out when they get put in their little cone of shame, and what dogs look like with dentures and hats!

Let me know in the comments below what kind of dog you are or any questions that you think should have made this list!

xoxo, carson

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