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Fall Must-Haves

Tuesday, 22 September 2020 marks the beginning of autumn (for 90% of the world).

And I'm excited.

Fall is my favorite time of year--be honest, isn't it everyone's favorite time of year? It offers the best smelling candles, the sweetest, most crisp morning air, the most beautiful changes in scenery, and the absolutely most fun activities.

Basically, I wish fall lasted all year.

Unfortunately, it doesn't. But if it did, these would be my all-year must-haves, as opposed to my "fall only" must-haves.

Outfits (General)

Sweaters, sweaters, more sweaters.

Hiking Boots

Leggings (these are my favorites)

Hats, of course

When I bought this hat, it became 1 of 2 hats I wear. Really worth it!

Tote bags are my favorite (I snagged this one in black during the Kate Spade sale and it was unbelievably worth it!!). That being said, crossbody bags are super convenient.

Basically a female satchel that offers enough space to store your things but small enough to bring into events (such as football, if we get that blessing this year).

Rain Booties

Androgynous & Tom Boy

As you've seen on our Instagram, I can never really decide on what I like to wear and I don't have a set style. Here are some of my favorite androgynous pieces that I'm super excited to wear this fall.

Levi Jeans (Style 110 is my go-to)

Ripped Black Jeans

Plain T-shirts

Jean Jacket

Home Decor

Call me gay, but my first stop for decorations is always Lowe's (I prefer Home Depot, but we don't have one here so I have to take what I can get).

They have over 600 Halloween products.

Here are a bunch more indoor decorations from Birch Lane.

I consistently add to a fall mood & aesthetics board on Pinterest that you should follow (or get a spell cast on you).

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xoxo, carson

About Carson Presley

I'm a dog mom of two and travel enthusiast! I graduated from college this year and am running this blog part-time while I start my new career.

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