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Everyday Gym Necessities

Coming out of quarantine and having local gyms open back up, I've been in the gym as much as I can. Never will I take the gym for granted again!

These are all things that I keep in my gym bag and bring with me every single day. I also included my most frequently worn pieces--they're nothing special but they're quality and worth investing in!

Of course, I always keep a mask on me.

Everything is linked so feel free to click and shop!

Beats Solo

Junk headband

Swim bag (10% off when you subscribe!)

Yes, I really do have this print and I wear it with pride.

Blender Bottle

Nikes (for every day except leg day)

Nikes (for leg day)




Alpha Forward is a growing business and its stock is limited. Follow, turn on post-notifications, and literally wait at your computer for their drops to go live. I swear these joggers are worth the wait and worth the money.

Running Sports Bras

Non-Running Sports Bras

Running Shoes

Extras I always keep in my bag:



Spare headphones (I also keep the standard corded Apple earbuds!)

Body Wipes

Bath and Body Works Shower-in-a-Bottle

I bought this about 2 years ago and can't find it on sale anywhere! Here's an alternative that seems similar: Soap & Glory

About Carson Presley

I'm a dog mom of two and travel enthusiast! I graduated from college this year and am running this blog part-time while I start my new career.

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