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Top 13 Outdoor Dog Toys to Keep Your Dog Entertained This Summer

Hi there!! For anyone who is new to my blog, let me introduce the whole crew here. I’m Carson Presley, and I write the content behind Girls & Dogs, Oh My. I just graduated college this past week (err--sort-of, just not traditionally because of the Coronavirus).

The luckiest person in the world, I have two adorable Labradoodles! Scout, who is two-years-old, and Ryder, who is just 17-weeks-old. My better half, Spencer, is the most amazing dog mom who helps me keep a handle on our two wild fur babies.

Together, we love traveling. We love packing up our Jeep and exploring new places. We’re also (until recently) first-time dog owners. In other words, we’re young and make a lot of mistakes--which is where the inspiration for this blog came from!

I want to be able to share all of our journeys and dog mom lessons with you all--especially our mistakes--so that you all can have the best possible experiences.

Every Monday I post new content with our latest adventure, traveling advice, and dog mom tips and tricks. Sometimes I post more than just Mondays, so make sure to look out for the bonus content ;)

My feed is always live on Pinterest, so feel free to follow along there and never miss another Monday with Carson again!

Fortunately, with everyone being quarantined, people are able to spend so much more time with their pups and be sure that they get the exercise that they need. A couple of weeks ago, I posted an entire article on how to keep your pups busy indoors. If you missed it, be sure to start there!

This week, we are focusing on everything you can be doing with your fur baby outdoors! The weather is getting nicer, some states are starting to open back up, and all of our pups are more ready than ever to get out and burn off all of their winter weight.

Let's jump right in and see the best stimulating dog toys to keep your dog entertained! Some of them are cheap, some are DIY, some are indestructible, and some you just need to have!

1. Chuckit! Launcher~ $7

We LOVE this toy because it makes playing with the dogs so much easier. Neither of us are pro-ball players so our natural ball throws are only so effective.

There is a slight learning curve with this toy, but this phase creates some good laughs along the way. Plus, once you have it down, your pup will be sprinting all over the place!

Using the Chuckit! Allows you to throw a tennis ball 30-50 yards with ease. It gives a great amount of air time so your pup can track it through the air. We use this at least 1-2 times a week, but during the summer we use it just about every day.

This is a super cheap but super effective toy to help wear your puppies out.

2. Water Frisbee~$8

Scout has had this toy for over two years and it is still in pretty decent shape. Whenever we go to the lake, we bring this and she goes crazy! After two years, it is a little torn (mostly because we play tug-of-war with it) so we will likely be getting a second one soon.

I would recommend looking for one with bright colors because they will easily get lost in the water. I don't think the colors really help your pup too much, but it will help you.

3. Pool~$30+

This is a great hack for those of us who don’t have a large amount of space to work with but want to give our pups water to play in.

On hotter days it’s hard to play with Scout for very long because of her dark coat. This kiddie pool is a perfect and simple fix.

I have seen other people fill them up with bags of ice to give their doggies a nice place to cool off and I just may have to try that out this summer.

4. Flirt Pole~$28

I'm not entirely sure why they had to name it a "flirt pole," but the toy is genius regardless. I really want to pick one of these up for our pups, especially now that we have a second pup who has endless energy.

It’s just a pole with a rope attached to one end with a toy attached. It will tire your pup in record time and requires minimal work from you. It works best if your dog knows simple commands like sit, stay, and drop it.

All you have to do is allow them to chase the toy at the end, while occasionally reward them by letting them catch it. Once they do, praise them and then do it all over again.

Yes, it's really that easy and is probably insanely effective at burning your pup's energy.

5. Boomer Ball~$25

I have mixed feelings about this toy, but I do think it's awesome. It's basically a giant, indestructible ball that your pup can chase and bite super easily.

Shelbie grew up playing soccer so we normally just play soccer with our pups. We either kick the ball back and forth and have them chase it or play monkey in the middle.

It really wears them out fast and has the added bonus of getting you to move as well.

Pro-Tip: Play fetch on a downhill slope! It forces your pup to run uphill to bring the toy back, which wears them out that much faster!

I have mixed feelings on this toy simply because it is rather pricey when you could buy a simple soccer ball instead. It is awesome and I love that it claims to be indestructible, whereas a soccer ball can pop; however, it is another idea if you want to splurge on your fur baby!

6. Sprinkler~$50

Before I even say anything, let me just....

Now that you're also in love with this sprinkler, I don't think I need to add much more! It is expensive, but seriously... look at how happy she is! So cute.

Here are some additional bonuses to using this sprinkler:

~It allows your pup to get water from a “fountain” that they can control, which makes this a mentally stimulating toy. Aside from that, you can see how entertaining it is for the pups!

~Since it gives them water, this removes an outside water bowl that would have hot water and bugs in it. All they have to do is step on the pad and they get fresh water from a hose hook up.

So easy and so cute.

7. Popsicle Toy~$9

As I mentioned before, ice is an awesome way to help keep your pups cool in summer. It can be easy for us non-furry humans to forget how quickly they can overheat.

Luckily for us, this amazing cool summer treat exists! It primarily functions to help keep your pups cool, but also doubles as a teething aid for puppies.

You simply fill it up with some water, close the cap, and toss it in the freezer. After it's frozen, you just toss it to the pups and they chew on it.

8. Hanging Bungee~$29

Before you look at this and judge it, hear me out. All you do is toss the rope over a STURDY tree branch, attach the ball to the end, and let your dog go bananas!

YouTube videos make this seem like they will miss the ball more than they will catch it, so it’ll make for good entertainment as you sit in your lawn chair sipping mimosas.

Your dog:


Agility Course

Agility training isn’t just for show dogs and competition dogs! You can buy baby Fido their own agility course or DIY one right in your backyard.

And honestly, if you have the space and resources, you should! Your pup has a natural instinct to run and chase prey, which often includes jumping and diving around nature to catch that prey. Imagine running through the woods to catch your dog…..that’s basically what they do to catch their prey!

Using agility courses and training them to be more agile and flexible and allows them to fulfill their natural instincts.

Some key components of an agility course include the following:

9. Agility Jump~$27

This one is a classic! This is the kind of jumping that will make both you and your pup happy. There are a couple of variations of this obstacle!

You can increase the height of the bar. For example, you will want to start with the bar low so that your pup can easily jump/step over it and learn to be comfortable with the obstacle.

As they successfully become more and more comfortable going over the bar, you can raise it higher and higher to keep challenging them!

You can also do a double jump or triple jump. To do so, just add a second bar to the jump, as shown. This simply encourages your pup to jump further over the bar.

Another jumping variation is the tire jump!

It is just as it sounds: a tire suspended in air that gives your pup something to jump up and through. You can adjust the difficulty level by moving the tire higher or lower and even changing the size of the tire.

10. Slalom Poles~$43

This is one of my favorite agility obstacles to watch. There isn’t a real reason, I just think the puppies are the cutest thing when they run through these!! Here’s a quick little video showing just how easy it is to teach your pup to go through them.

11. Tunnels~$7

This is probably the cheapest and easiest agility piece that exists. Literally less than $10 from PetCo and is the cutest print ever.

Simply set it up and teach them to run through it. With all other toys, make sure to educate yourself on safety precautions before using this obstacle!

12. Teeter~$150

Teaching your pup how to successfully complete the teeter is probably one of the more difficult obstacles to teach your pup because there are a bunch of moving pieces…..literally.

The entire see-saw moves, it makes noise, and they need to be trained to wait at the end of the teeter and not just jump off.

If the price tag makes you cringe, there are some cheaper DIY versions as well. Check out Step 5 of this article for a little DIY help!

If you need a little training help, Emelie does an amazing job in this video!

13. Pause Table~Prices vary

This one is rather self-explanatory. It is literally a table that your pup will jump on, wait until you encourage them to do a trick or get off, then they hop off.

I included a simple training video for you, but here are some key take-aways:

-As with any obstacle, you want your pup to become familiar and comfortable with the pause table before expecting them to consistently complete it successfully.

-With time, you can raise the height of the table, expect your pup to do more tricks, and stay on the table longer.

If you want more DIY inspiration for your pup's agility course, Petful wrote an entire article on it! Plus their dog is super rare and super cute so you should take a look.

That's all for this week, angels! We compiled the top 13 outdoor dog toys that will keep your dog entertained and burn all of their energy in no time. Whether you were looking for an indestructible toy, an agility toy, or something to help keep your dog cool this summer, hopefully this list helped!

Which of these is your favorite? Which one do you think is most worth it and least worth it? Let me know in the comments below!

xoxo, carson

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