Travel Planner

Tired of feeling stressed when you're planning for a trip?

Are you struggling to complete your list of to-do's for your trip because your normal to-do's get in the way?

Then you landed in the perfect spot!

You need somewhere to...


-compile everything you want to do

-everywhere you want to go

-a place where you can keep track of everything you need for your trip

This is exactly it.

After years of road tripping and endless mistakes later, I used those lessons to compile this incredible trip planner for every trip!

Imagine it's the week of your road trip, and instead of feeling overwhelmed with everything you need to do, you are relaxed.

You can rest assured knowing that your packing list is completely packed, your dog's bag is all taken care of, and as soon as you wake up tomorrow, you're ready to head out on your next epic journey.

What's Included:

Over 400 pages of planning perfection!

What you get is a 12-month, digital planner. None of the months are labeled, so you can start any time of the year!

At the back of the planner, you have...

...FIVE complete trip planning templates

...2 pages to record your dream destinations

...2 pages to keep track of everywhere you've been

...2 pages for notes, tips, and tricks you learn while on your trips

...8 FREE BONUS pages of emergency medical help for your dog!

About Carson Presley

I'm a dog mom of two and travel enthusiast! I graduated from college this year and am running this blog part-time while I start my new career.

Read More or shoot me an email!

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